Sunday, October 26, 2008

Imitation is suicide

Sometimes I wish I didn't put myself on such a predictable schedule. I wonder if I didn't take everything with such negativity, like a pissed off old lady, and more like the ignorant teenager I realistically am I'd fill this missing void I currently feel that I have. Would I be happier taking everything with a carefree attitude and accepting criticisms as nothing more than a grain of salt? I must admit, all-nighters, sneaking out, lying, cheating, stealing, acting like a jerk seems so appealing. Might as well do it now, while adults expect that sort of behavior out of. Underage drinking, smoking, sex, and drugs. I'm all talk of course, nothing crazy for me, I have to continue my mission of hating high school and my peers. HOW BORING. I expected much more out of my life than this crap.

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