Friday, November 21, 2008


I wonder what makes me so unapproachable. It may be the loud, obnoxious, demeanor I proudly radiate to strangers. Or the simple fact I seem to portray myself as an antisocial, know-it-all bitch. I'm lonely sometimes, but it's not anyone's fault but mine. Other than that I feel myself to be very incompetent, not making good enough grades, not being socially adapted enough to my environment, and on top of all of that I don't know what I'm shaping my life into! Oh my woes, heartbreaking.

I've had this weird infatuation/admiration for Vanessa Hudgens for the past few years. Like to the point I'm checking websites several times a day just to find new pictures of her for me to oogle at, yum. Honestly, she may not may be nowhere near perfect but there's something about her, is it the hair, her clothes, her smile, her personality, her face?? Not to mention I love her style. She is beautiful (with clothes on, I must admit.) 

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