Monday, December 22, 2008

That was the old me I was living a lie

the cop got restless as he read me my rights 
he told me "im always envious of those that i jail 
if i got locked up nobody'd come to help me post bail"

Cheap Monday jacket, plain white tshirt, F21 DIY shorts, black tights, socks, Converse shoes

Knowing these sweet, short few days of winter break is going to end any possible moment makes it harder for me appreciate them. Monday was quite refreshing for once! Woke up late, as usual, chowed down on some delicious Burger King (yum!), got some presents ready for wrapping, and got a quick bite to eat with some friends. The quick bite happened to include miso soup and iced vanilla milk with boba. And last but not least, my long awaited DSLR safely arrived to my household at approximately 2:09 and is currently waiting for me unopened atop my baby grand piano in the other room. Yippeeeeee


anya said...

i just found your blog + i really like your outfit [:

Angela said...

16, High School Student, uncertain and unconscious of the big world around me, dreamy and unwilling to grow up, immature...expensive hobbies and interests, reluctantly waiting for something to happen.

TWINS?! Because that's basically how I describe myself.

Lovin' the casual outfit :)