Sunday, December 21, 2008

call me crazy

You're the kind of girl who can take down a man, and lift him back up again.
You are strong but you're needy, humble but you're greedy.
Based on your body language, your shoddy cursive I've been reading,
your style is quite selective, though your mind is rather reckless.
Well I guess it just suggests that this is just what happiness is

H&m headband, Banana Republic top

I wore this boring outfit today on this lazy morose Sunday. The malls look horrible right now! My mom granted me $20 to exchange a gift she received and I thoroughly believed $20 was not nearly enough to amount for the craziness I foresaw and had undergone to complete such a tedious errand!! Anyway, today marks 4 short days until Christmas and a week until my birthday! I'm expecting my big birthday/xmas present in the mail tomorrow, (Canon XS + much more kit), oh yes I'm excited! Besides looking forward to beautiful frilly materialistic goodies during my break, I am going to sort of put effort into trying to spend a little time with friends during my winter break. My teenage ways radiate myself as a bitchy, narcissistic whore, but trust me under my tough callous skin lies a kind, loving, appreciative girl (at least I hope to think there is one underneath my hard exterior.)



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