Friday, December 19, 2008

My life keeps inching along

Yes! Oh yes for winter break! Sleeping in, warm clothes, no responsibilities, clean cold air, I love winter in California, it's never tooooo cold! And I can't forget to add how I especially love turtlenecks, yumm:D My birthday is soooooon.

Say that something's gonna give,
and it's all giving out on you.

I'm currently absolutely loving great mellow acoustic tinged pop music. Great melodies and voices by Jason Mraz and Eric Hutchinson are achieving the simple task of bringing me up when I'm feeling low.

The candy passed around at school got me sick, I tend not to usually be in favor toward sweets. I blame it on the bland fact that anything edible in arm's distance reach of me, will end up in my stomach whether I like it or not.

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